Taught by two of the most respected and cherished Cajun dancers in South Louisiana, ‘Danser Avec Nous!’ (Dance With Us!), an informational and Cajun dance instruction video, will have you dancing like you were born on the bayou. Shot in the heart of Cajun Country, the video opens with Allons á Lafayette, a glimpse of Acadiana, showing some of the local scenes that make this area special. Cal and Lou Courville then begin their dance instruction at the Vermilionville dance hall, with the very basic
traditional Cajun waltz and two-step, progressing to special moves and turns such as Côté à Côté (Side-by-Side), Le Papillon (The Butterfly), La Danse Miroir (The Mirror Dance) and many more. And watch for the ever-popular Cajun Jig, (a jitterbug adapted to Cajun music) including the Cher Bébé (Sweet Baby) and Le Cheri (The Sweetie) along with other advanced hand-turns.

You won¹t want to miss this real Cajun fais do do, plus exciting special performances of the ‘Awesome Threesome’ and a high-speed two-step! It’s fun to learn from Cal and Lou: let them show you the true joie de vivre (joy of living) in Cajun Country. To order your copy of ‘Danser Avec Nous!’ on DVD or VHS, click here.

Cal and Lou have produced this video featuring Cajun dance instruction to share their unique Cajun heritage. They believe that dancing best expresses the feeling and way of life in Acadiana. Even if you don¹t understand the lyrics, you will understand why people from all around the world come to visit Cajun Country.

To order your copy of Danser Avec Nous! on DVD or VHS, click here.